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DC 2013 Girls World Expo pics (our booth)

Copy of the Jan 4th, 2013 Press release


Project Peaceful Purple Earphones Raise Awareness on Anti-Bullying

In an effort to bring the message of anti-bullying to area youth, entrepreneur Carlton Plummer has created custom earphones, branded as Listen Up!.

Plummer, who has designed custom headphones for major clients such as GEICO, University of Maryland and the University of Florida, came up with the idea to raise awareness to the anti-bullying crisis through headphones.

“It’s such an easily recognizable symbol,” Plummer said. “When you wear earphones they resemble an upside down ribbon, a peace symbol. I look at is as a brand-extender.

The Listen Up! earphones employ High-Definition Sound Standard (HDSS®) technology. Plummer’s company holds international patents for HDSS®, and has used the technology in products designed for Sharp, Samsung, among others.

“HDSS® produces a healthy sound quality,” Plummer said. “It’s easy on the ears, it’s more efficient and inexpensive.”

A man of conviction, Plummer reflected on his youth experience and compared it to the youth of today. “I wasn’t bullied as a kid, but today’s youth have technology at their fingertips that exponentially increases the ways they have to communicate. And with that, actions and reactions are very instant. You have kids that read into things too much and end up taking things very literally.”

Those literal perceptions have driven countless youth to engage in bullying tactics, and many other countless youth are driven to something as dramatic as suicide.

Plummer’s company plans to donate proceeds from the sale of the Listen Up! earphones ( to local non-profit organizations. The earphones also are available for non-profit fundraiser sales as well.

Plummer’s goal simply is to raise awareness…and hopefully some money for local non-profits engaged in the anti-bullying movement.

“The awareness alone can give kids more self-esteem and confidence. When you are confident in yourself, you don’t care what anyone else says,” Plummer said.

Plummer’s Listen Up! earphones will be featured at the Girls World Expo this Saturday, January 5, 2013 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

About Project Peaceful Purple
Project Peaceful Purple was founded by Carlton Plummer to help raise awareness of anti-bullying in schools and in the community. The not-for-profit organization partners with area organizations to sell and distribute the Listen Up! earphones and to encourage constructive dialogue and action to combat bullying in schools. Project Peaceful Purple is on Twitter: @purpleforpeace, as well as Facebook.

Kimberly Shorter