Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Want to Boost Your Self-Esteem? Throw Away Someone Else’s Trash

Written by Gretchen Rubin

Self-esteem is a topic that has generated a fair amount of controversy over the last few decades, but one thing seems clear: you don’t get healthy self-esteem from constantly telling yourself how great you are, or even from other people telling you how great you are.
You do boost your self-esteem when you keep a difficult resolution, meet a challenge, solve a problem, learn a skill, or cross something unpleasant off your to-do list. And one of the best ways to feel better about yourself is to help someone else. Do good, feel good.
I had a friend who went through a period of tremendous rejection: she was fired from her job, she was rejected from a graduate program, and her boyfriend broke up with her. Everything worked out fine, and I asked her how she got through such a tough time. She said, “I was practically addicted to doing good deeds. It was the only way I could make myself feel like I wasn’t a total loser.

I recently performed a very small good deed that gave me a boost: I threw away someone else’s trash. I’ve always been careful to throw away my own litter, but it never occurred to me to do anything about random litter lying around.
The other day, though, I was in the subway, where an empty Snapple bottle was rolling around to the great annoyance of everyone in the car. The bottle rolled back and forth, and I thought, “Someone should pick that up.” Then I thought—“Someone like me! Why shouldn’t I be the one to pick it up?” So I did. I was astonished by the surge of good feeling I got, quite disproportionate to such a minor action.
Since then, I’ve looked for chances to throw away other people’s trash. Newspapers strewn across seats in the airport, coffee cups abandoned on counters, that kind of thing. (Want more ideas? Look at these tips.)
Do good, feel good” is a happiness truism that really is true. Act like a considerate citizen of the world, and you’ll also boost your self-esteem. How about you? Have you felt a boost in your feelings of self-worth after doing something worthwhile?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Press Release - Project Peaceful Purple (April 8, 2013)


Project Peaceful Purple aims to unite, inspire, and empower people to stop bullying

Rockville, Maryland – April 7, 2013 – Project Peaceful Purple has created purple earphones that are meant to unite, inspire, and empower people who are dealing with bullying. Rather than focusing on ways to combat the bullies directly, their mission is to promote raising one’s self-esteem and self-confidence through a positive movement.

These purple earbuds are special because not only are they a symbol of anti-bullying, but they also utilize an HDSS sound technology that is new, effective, and makes a rather inexpensive earphone sound like top notch quality. HDSS sound, developed by a Georgia family, is slated to bring a new standard to earbuds.

Project Peaceful Purple is devoted to making a difference. A portion of the proceeds from every sale of these earphones will be donated to local youth empowerment programs. Every set of earphones sold helps defeat bullies.

Sadly, bullying is growing and surfacing in many different forms especially with the ubiquity of the Internet. It is important for students, parents, and schools to all get involved with trying to stop the bullying epidemic in order to promote positive self-esteem and self-image for children and adolescents everywhere.

Purplepeace4.jpgProject Peaceful Purple has said, “Our goal is to sell 1 million earphones by World Day of Bullying Prevention in October 2014.” To learn more about Project Peaceful Purple and how to purchase a pair of these inspiring earbuds, visit the company’s website at www.purple-buds.com.

About Project Peaceful Purple:
Project Peaceful Purple is a campaign aimed to increase awareness of bullying, cyber bullying, workplace harassment and related issues for youth, parents, young adults, adults, educators and the general public. Their objective is to inspire pro-social friendships, acceptance and instill a sense of hope in the future. The focus of the project is to aid in the building of youth self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect by supporting youth empowerment programs and organizations.


Tots2Teens Expo presented by The Better Family

We are totally excited to be exhibiting at this years #Tots2Teens Expo, April 20th,2013 at the DC Convention Center. 
Project Peaceful Purple will be at Booth#726. Please stop by if you can. 
Free Admission